Udderly Moo-tiful

Highland Cow Merchandise & Fine Art

Meet Aggie, Morag and friends!


I am a photographer who loves Highland Coo’s, they could be yours moo! Although we’re a Northumberland based company, we can ship our products locally and globally

Brighten up any home with our Coo's

Chewing the Cud has gave me so much joy starting this business through a global pandemic, as my photography business shift changed I took the opportunity to explore making my imagery of my favourite Highland Coos available to all.  I have been able to build on my catalogue of images and turn them into Fine Art work, Aprons, Cushions, Tea Towels and much more, which would brighten up any home.

Highland Cow Prints

My print albums are available to order via my photography business; Mirror Image, as they are all copyright protected. Please click the button below to be redirected. 

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